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Terminal in Sosnowiec

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Gas cylinders used in households contain a gas mixture, usually consisting of 95% propane and 5% of butane.

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Our transloading terminal in Sosnowiec has a significant meaning to our market position. This 20 ha Terminal is located directly by the LHS (broad track railway line), which enables us to transport gas directly (without transloading it at a border) 400 km from a country border. Using a railway transportation makes deliveries quite independent from any weather conditions, and, as Terminal is also connected with express roads net (94, S1 and A4), it’s perfectly accessible for both railway and road transport.

Gas bought by our customers may be picked up both by car tanks and standard gauge rail tanks brought into our side-track.

Our Terminal in Sosnowiec has an access to both standard and broad tracks. Having more than 4 km of side-tracks, it gives possibility for 170 broad track tanks and 150 standard track tanks being serviced and operated simultaneously without losing any maneuver capability. Our side tracks are provided with all legal licenses issued by The Office of Rail Transportations. Terminal also has it’s own electronic railway scales (both for broad and standard gauge tracks) which enables gas trading without taking it away for weighting and laying duty on gas outside the Terminal. Our electronic car scales provides service for all deliveries transported in car tanks. Terminal has a formal status of a tax warehouse.