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Gas cylinders used in households contain a gas mixture, usually consisting of 95% propane and 5% of butane.

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Polski Gaz S.A is one of the leading LPG distributors in Poland and as such owns the largest Central-European LPG transloading terminal situated in Sosnowiec. This is the only Terminal in Silesia with such potential and employing so experienced professionals eager to support our Partners with their knowledle and experience. Therefore, we may offer top-quality services and satisfaction of our Customers.

As the infrastructure is continuously developed and modernized, we are now able to transload up to 15 000 tonnes of gas per month. We have unloading stations which allow us to handle transloading process both from the broad gauge tracks (for direct deliveries from the refineries located beyond the eastern border) and from the standard gauge tracks.

In the LPG Transloading Terminal there is a bonded warehouse which allows for gas distribution under suspended excise duty.

The railway side-track infrastructure allows for storage of 50  cars at the same time which will be enlarged to 130 cars This allows the receipt of large deliveries on a one-off basis which may be successively transloaded to tank trucks or rail tankers on the European gauge track.